Lost a Tooth? Prosthetic Options for Smile Completion: Part One

Complete Smile with Prosthodontics

Do you remember how excited you were when you first discovered that you had lost a tooth as a child? In your excitement to experience that rite of passage, you may even have nudged your tooth out. Now, do you remember how it felt the first time you lost a tooth as an adult? Unfortunately, adult tooth loss is more common than many people realize. That doesn’t make it easy, much less fun, to deal with. Initially, adult tooth loss can cause a range of emotions, from embarrassment to anger. Over time, it can create even more trouble, by limiting a person’s ability to chew effectively and comfortably. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to complete a smile after tooth loss. So if you are currently struggling with an incomplete smile, or are unhappy with an existing prostheses, it is time to talk with your dentist about how you could feel confident in your smile once again through prosthodontics.

Could a Dental Crown Be the Answer to Your Tooth Loss?

Many people don’t realize that dental crowns can actually be used to help cope with tooth loss. From serving as a replacement tooth as part of a dental implant, to helping to anchor a dental bridge, many patients prefer the look and feel of porcelain crowns, when it comes time to complete their smiles.

Few options are more natural-looking, because porcelain crowns can be carefully crafted to match a patient’s natural teeth in size, shape and even contouring. Since porcelain is less conductive than metal, many patients find porcelain crowns more comfortable than metal alternatives, as well.

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