Do You Know What Lives In Your Mouth?

Perhaps you would be surprised to know that your mouth plays host to living microorganisms. Some are naughty and some are nice. The naughty ones can cause a host of problems not only in your mouth but throughout your body. The nice ones are supposed to help keep the naughty ones in check. How is that working out for you? If you have periodontal disease, it isn’t working. Take our multiple choice quiz below to find out if you know what lives in your mouth.


1. The number of bacteria in your mouth can be compared to the population of:

A. The earth

B. Texas

C. New York City

D. None of the above

2. Many people think that a dog’s mouth is cleaner than a:

A. Squirrels

B. Humans

C. Ants

D. None of the above

3. When food falls on the floor it is safe to practice the:

A. Zero second rule

B. Three second rule

C. Five second rule

D. Ten second rule

4. The following drink can help keep your teeth healthy:

A. Green tea

B. Coffee

C. Soda

D. None of the above



1. A: Your mouth plays host to billions of bacteria and if you don’t brush you may have a population near that of the planet earth. According to researchers over 700 different species of bacteria live in your oral cavity.

2. B: Dogs and humans have roughly the same number of microorganisms residing in their oral cavities. The interesting fact is that dog germs are species specific, meaning they can’t make humans sick.

3. A: The minute food makes contact with the floor it is picking up germs. The longer the food stays on the floor the more germs it will pick up.

4. A: Research studies have shown that drinking green tea may lead to healthier gums and lower tooth loss.

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