Lighten Up This Year with Professional Whitening

Lighten Up in 2016 with Professional Whitening

Is your main goal this year to drop a few pounds? That may be an important quest for both your health and confidence, but it is certainly not the only way to feel better and look your best! Professional teeth whitening is a simple way to drastically improve your smile, so you can confidently show off those pearly whites even as you take steps to become your best self in 2016. In fact, in just a few weeks you could have a dazzling and lighter smile!

Get Dramatic Results Fast with Professional Whitening

If you’ve tried over-the-counter products in the past, and have been unhappy with the results, this is a great year to opt for professional whitening instead. By using professional-grade products, a cosmetic dentist can help create more consistent and dramatic results. Patients wishing to lighten their teeth by more than a few shades may also prefer the ease and effectiveness of professional whitening treatment, as opposed to OTC options, or even home remedies.

With any whitening treatment, including those that are labeled as “all-natural” or “safe,” it is important to follow the directions given. Otherwise you risk actually damaging your teeth’s enamel. It’s also important to consult your dentist if you experience extreme sensitivity during any whitening treatment.

Finally, if you are worried that your staining is too severe to be treated by whitening/bleaching, talk to your cosmetic dentist about alternatives. In some cases, bonding, veneers or even a dental crown may be a better way to correct discoloration or staining, particularly if it exists within a tooth.

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