Motivation to Change Your Smile

Environmental and social factors can help influence your oral care. You can even be inspired by other people when it comes to maintaining the health of your mouth. Many people adopt good dental habits simply by watching and learning from other people.


Children have to be taught how to act and how to take care of their smile. Your child should visit the dentist by his or her first birthday to check for early signs of dental problems and development issues, as well as to emphasize the importance of oral care. Dental education is very important at an early age to prevent serious problems later on. In addition, parents have to teach their children proper behaviors. If parents have bad oral hygiene, they will probably pass those bad habits on to their children and their smiles will suffer. On the other hand, if you brush and floss daily, your child will notice that pattern and pick up the same practices. Dr. Fondriest can show your child the proper way to brush, floss, and take care of his or her teeth.


The Academy of General Dentistry reports that couples often have similar dental behaviors. People with dental neglect are 32 times more likely to have a partner with the same neglect. Similarly, a person with good oral care is 5.4 times more likely to have an equal partner. Not only do people tend to select partners with similar focuses and behaviors, but when people live together, over time they begin to adopt similar routines. For example, if roommates have similar bedtime schedules, they will probably be brushing and flossing together. Watching one person with good oral health could motivate other people in the household to act the same way.

Smile Envy

Brushing and flossing habits can be passed along to your family and friends, but so could your appearance. If your roommate has a beautiful, white smile, you may be motivated to visit Dr. Fondriest so you can have the same result. Keep in mind that you may love your best friend’s smile or your favorite celebrity’s teeth, but if you don’t have their facial structure, it may not work for you. However, seeing their perfect smiles will encourage you to take action to change your mouth.

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