Quick Fixes for Bad Breath

You’ve just consumed a garlicky calzone on your lunch hour when you realize you have a meeting with your supervisor that afternoon. You know your breath is going to blow her away and you start to panic. We all know the basics of maintaining fresh breath with brushing, flossing, and mouthwash, but what about those times when you don’t have access to these tools of the trade? Try these tips to temporarily get your bad breath, also known as halitosis, under control before you leave the restaurant:

Simple solutions for Halitosis

Chew some parsley. That green stuff on the edge of your plate is not just a garnish. Parsley is rich in chlorophyll, which neutralizes odors and can knock out garlic breath in a flash. When swallowed, the parsley improves digestion, which can also help eliminate bad breath.

Make your own mouthwash. Squeeze the juice of a lemon wedge into a glass of water and swish it around your mouth several times. Salt water has the same cleansing effect. However, don’t do this on a regular basis, as citrus juice can cause acid erosion of tooth enamel.

Order fruit for dessert. Citrus fruits and apples stimulate saliva production, which remove odor-causing bacteria from the mouth and reduce the smell of onions and garlic. You can also sprinkle a lemon wedge with salt and suck on it. Again, you should use caution with citrus fruits to avoid damaging tooth enamel, but it works in a pinch.

Scrape your tongue. There’s no need for a professional tongue scraper when you have fast food utensils. Discreetly take a plastic spoon into the restroom, invert it, and scrape your tongue to eliminate bacteria and food particles left behind after your meal.

These tricks will help you get through the rest of the day until you can properly clean your teeth. Temporary bad breath is easily overcome, but if you have a more chronic problem, Dr. Fondriest can find the root cause of your halitosis and restore your oral health in no time.

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