Lake Forest Dentist Offer Durable Restoration with PFM Crowns


At Lake Forest Dental Arts, your Lake Forest cosmetic dentist, Dr. James Fondriest, understands the importance of a beautiful smile. This is why Dr. Fondriest offers porcelain-fused-to-metal, or PFM, crowns. With PFM crowns, Dr. Fondriest helps patients preserve and protect their smiles. In today’s blog, Dr. Fondriest explains the benefits and placement process of PFM crowns.

Why PFM Crowns?

While porcelain crowns are a popular and successful method of tooth repair, PFM crowns are necessary for special circumstances requiring stronger restoration. PFM crowns use special dental porcelain baked onto a metallic substructure called a coping. Dr. Fondriest often prescribes PFM crowns for patients with a heavy bite force or who grind their teeth. PFM crowns also aid in strengthening dental bridges.

No More Dark Lines

Many patients are wary of PFM crowns because so many people report the appearance of unsightly dark lines at the gum lines. Often, if the gums recede, the metal portion of the PFM crown is exposed. To avoid this issue, Dr. Fondriest uses only 14+ carat gold alloy for the substructure. Porcelain masks gold easier, and reduces the appearance of dark lines. Gold alloys are also biocompatible.

Placing your PFM Crowns

Like other dental crowns, PFM crowns are caps that fit completely over the affected teeth. Dr. Fondriest uses crowns to restore teeth damaged from trauma or tooth decay. If a patient requires a crown, Dr. Fondriest will proceed with an oral examination to decide which crown will best address their dental needs. The first step involves taking an impression and preparing the tooth. The impression will be used to create your custom-made, esthetically pleasing, crown. Once completed, you will return to Lake Forest Dental Arts where Dr. Fondriest will check the fit and apply the crown using a powerful bonding agent. When you leave our practice, you will have a healthy, whole smile.

Schedule a Visit with Your Lake Forest Cosmetic Dentist

To discuss whether porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns are the choice for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Fondriest. Contact our cosmetic dentist by calling 847-234-0517. Our office offers the latest in cosmetic dentistry and is welcoming new patients at this time.

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