Speak Up! Your Lake Forest Dentist is Listening

Too often, we go for a dental checkup and do not participate. Sure, talking is difficult with your mouth open and occupied by oral health-improving instruments. But communicating with your dentist can change the way your dental appointments run. Speaking up could even save you from serious issues down the road. The next time you settle into the dental chair, talk to your dentist before beginning your clinical procedure. In this article, Dr. James Fondriest provides tips on what to talk about with your dentist.

What to Say

Feeling comfortable at the dentist office can be difficult. Anxieties surrounding your appointment or treatment could make a productive visit feel intimidating. When you first sit down in the dentist’s chair, develop a partnership by discussing what you both can do for your oral health. Ask about preventive measures to take against problems like gum disease or tooth decay. Inquire about your dietary habits and how they may affect your teeth. Understanding the unique needs of your mouth can help you tend to it better. If you want to see another dentist for a cosmetic dental procedure or second opinion, say so. Dr. Fondriest frequently serves as a consultant or referral dentist for cosmetic dental procedures. Finding the right dentist for any procedure can provide long-lasting dental solutions with little hassle.

Speaking up for Prevention

If you see a vigilant dentist, you may not have to explain all of your oral woes, since some afflictions could be obvious. It’s difficult to hide swollen, bleeding gums from a dentist, after all. But other problems could be less apparent. Tell your dentist of any sleeping problems or if you’ve been snoring. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) could cause patients to lose sleep, and your dentist can offer treatment plans for OSA. Don’t let bad breath embarrass you around your dentist. Your breath can signal health problems or bacteria buildup. Addressing unpleasant odors can help you and your dentist develop a treatment plan to freshen your breath. Bad breath may also signal diabetes, so discussing sources of the smells can make you more aware of your own health.

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