Closing diastemas: Closing gaps in your smile

Do you have a gap in your smile? The dental term for a gap or space between two teeth is diastema. Many patients ask us about closing diastemas or the gaps between their teeth. There are many cosmetic options available for closing the gaps in your smile.

What do Michael Strahan, Elton John, and Condoleezza Rice all have in common? Along with many other well-known celebrities, they all display diastema, or a gap between their teeth. In some cultures, a gap in your smile is considered good luck or a sign of future prosperity. But for many others, a gap between your teeth can cause embarrassment. Thankfully, cosmetic dentistry enables your dentist to remove or close unsightly gaps in your smile.

Closing Diastemas | Gaps in your smile

A variety of factors can lead to gaps between teeth. Often, misalignment or tooth protrusion cause gaps to form. In children, gaps between baby teeth are common, but usually close once their permanent teeth arrive. Other causes include tooth size discrepancies or even missing teeth. Obviously, having braces is the best way of closing diastemas but bonding, veneers, crowns, bridges all will do the trick. all of these options will be faster than doing braces.

Restoring the gaps in your smile

Dr. James Fondriest provides patients with an array of cosmetic procedures for closing the gaps in your smile. Dental bonding allows Dr. Fondriest to reshape the tooth using a special composite resin. Dr. Fondriest applies several thin layers of resin, then molds and sculpts the tooth as the material cures. Bonding offers a strong and affordable means of closing gaps and repairing teeth. Dental bonding also erases permanent stains, giving patients brighter smiles. Porcelain veneers are perfect at closing diastemas. Dr. Fondriest places thin shells of dental porcelain onto the patient’s front teeth. The veneers are custom-made and shaded to blend seamlessly with a patient’s smile. In addition to instant whitening, veneers remove spaces and straighten misaligned teeth. Porcelain veneers are stain resistant, and with proper care, can provide decades of durable and esthetically pleasing smile restoration. With cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Fondriest can give you a confident, and gap-free, smile.

Learn more about closing your diastemas

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