Lake Forest Dentist Explains How Cranberries Protect Teeth

If you enjoy the taste of cranberries, your whole mouth now has a reason to celebrate. Research shows the tart berry helps fight tooth decay. As you reach for the cranberry sauce this holiday season, think of what the fruit has to offer. Lake Forest dentist, Dr. James Fondriest, discusses how cranberries fight the good fight against cavities.

How Cavities Form

We grow up believing sugar causes cavities. Sugar alone doesn’t lead to cavities, however. Streptococcus mutans, microbes in our mouths, eat sugar and produce acid. So, S. mutans use sugar as fuel to create acid, while they also mix with food particles to create plaque. Plaque buildup results from these bacteria that have already damaged tooth enamel with their acid by-product. So, the more sugary or starchy food you eat, the more likely you risk tooth decay.

What Cranberries Do for Teeth

Glucans (plaque lining) cover teeth and house bacteria. Compounds found in cranberries interfere with glucan creation and lower acidity levels caused by bacteria. Studies conducted by food scientists found S. mutans levels decreased 70%. Although the molecules in cranberries that contribute to oral health do not rid your mouth of bacteria, the fruit does stand in the way of what leads to tooth decay. 

Visit Your Lake Forest Dentist

While eating cranberries helps fight tooth decay, it doesn’t replace dental checkups. Visit our office to help fight tooth decay. Regular checkups and cleanings with Dr. Fondriest can prevent cavities. Lake Forest Dental Arts also offers restorative services to treat decayed teeth. Call (847)801-9694 to discuss the best treatment option for you.

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