Lake Forest Dentist: Dieting Tips for Your Mouth and Body

Most dieters are more concerned with their waistlines than they are with the health of their mouths. Unfortunately, these dieters are missing a big opportunity to make their diets work for their entire bodies. Much like the ripples that spread from a stone thrown into a lake, one small change can spread throughout the body. Because our bodies are made up of interconnected systems, one small change can have unintended and unforeseen consequences. The trick is to make positive changes and watch how positivity ripples throughout the body. Your Lake Forest cosmetic dentist, Dr. James Fondriest, shares how to make your diet work for your body and your mouth.

Dieting Tips to Leave You Smiling

The temptation to snack is a big reason why diets fail. Despite their best intentions, dieters often reach for foods that their diets don’t condone. Unfortunately, laying off these foods is easier said than done. To make matters worse, snacks often contain high levels of sugar and lots of calories. Thus, resisting the urge to snack is vital for a successful diet designed to improve both mouth and waistline. In addition to being a significant source of calories, sugar is a major cause of tooth decay. Bacteria love sugar. They flock to it and devour it greedily, and when they do, they produce an acid that strips away tooth enamel, weakening teeth and their defenses.

To combat your urge to snack, try chewing sugar-free gum and drinking plenty of water. Nutritionists often say that people mistake their thirst for hunger, so having a water bottle handy is a good option. Gum will give your mouth something to do, helping you resist the urge to snack. But the benefits of gum do not end there. Gum will send a signal to your mouth to produce more saliva, which can neutralize some of the lingering acids in your mouth.

Also try the following tips:

  • Go for a jog. Research has shown that jogging can postpone hunger for an hour or two after exercise is complete. Getting outside will also expose you to sunlight, which encourages the synthesis of vitamin D, a vitamin that may help prevent cavities.
  • Consider brushing three times a day. You’ve heard that dentists recommend brushing two or three times a day. Well, for most people that means two, but consider the benefits to your mouth and your diet if you brush three times. You will ensure that your mouth remains healthier, and you’ll be less likely to snack while the taste of toothpaste still lingers in your mouth.

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