Key elements of personalized smile design

Personalized smile design

Be sure to go through a personalized smile design process before having a makeover. When you think about cosmetic dentistry in general, you may have a vague idea that you can come in, talk with us about treatments, and make your smile look significantly more impressive than it does at this very moment. What may not be so clear, however, includes categories regarding those esthetic issues we can fix. Rather than continue visualizing care as just a big, blurry cloud of possibilities, let’s clear it all up for you by explaining the elements of smile design that we can most certainly help you with. Once you have a better feel for how our Lake Forest, IL team can assist you, the fact that there’s really limitless potential will quickly become apparent!

Shape And Dimensions

Worrying about the shape of your teeth or their dimensions (the length and/or width) can really cause some upset. Remember that this is something cosmetic dentistry can address with so many different approaches. Need help? Just let us know this is your concern.


We offer our artistic smile design to help you achieve a more beautiful shade of white for your smile. If teeth are yellowed, stained, or just not quite as bright as they could be, speak with us about teeth whitening!


Whatever it is that’s making your smile look less than uniform, we can often help with cosmetic dentistry. For instance, does the continuity of your smile look off because you have gaps between teeth? Treatments like bonding and veneers can resolve this.


If you’re worried about the way your smile looks because it just tends to appear lopsided, remember that there are multiple reasons this may be happening. It could have something to do with the length of your teeth. It may also be associated with your gumline. We can fix it.


You now know that you can tackle many different issues with your smile when it comes to the way it looks. While you’ve learned all about many of the artistic smile design details you were curious about, something may be left: What about texture? If your smile isn’t quite as shiny or smooth as you’d like due to some blemishes, what can you do? Rest easy. You can address this issue, too, with treatments like veneers.

See Us For A Personalized Smile Design Care Plan

Do you want a more confident smile? Learn about your options in cosmetic dentistry Chicago. Talk with us soon about how we may work with you to craft a personalized cosmetic plan to improve the beauty of your smile. Feel free to schedule a visit with Dr. Fondriest by calling Lake Forest Dental Arts at (847) 234-0517. We also proudly serve residents of Chicago and all surrounding communities in the Chicago Metro area.