Kenilworth Dentist

In today’s society everything is about having more and more, as if having more will make you happy. The motto for modern society could easily be if it isn’t bigger it isn’t better. However, more and bigger isn’t always better. Sometimes less is better, and Dr. James Fondriest and his staff at Lake Forest Dental Arts understand that. They will not try to sell you on a smile make over if all you need is dental bonding to restore your smile. Dr. Fondriest is a Kenilworth dentist that you can trust.

Cosmetic Bonding

Dr. Fondriest understands the importance of your smile. After all he has dedicated his life to restoring smiles. A highly educated and skilled practitioner, Dr. Fondriest lends his artistic capabilities to his field of work. Cosmetic dental bonding is one way he does that. Cosmetic bonding utilizes tooth-colored resin composite material to restore damaged and/or fill decayed teeth. Cosmetic bonding is a simple, easy, and inexpensive way to fix minor imperfections; lengthen teeth; whiten teeth; repair cracked, chipped or broken teeth; and more.

Single Visit Dentistry

In most cases, depending on the number of teeth in need of work, cosmetic bonding can be completed in one visit. You can come into the office with an old smile and leave with a new smile all in one day.  There is no outside laboratory fabrication procedure required. Dr. Fondriest is able to fabricate the thinnest restorations preserving the greatest amount of natural tooth structure. He can replicate the natural esthetics of your original dentition with the available natural shades and light emitting qualities, utilizing composite material in place of porcelain veneers. This type of restorative material is durable, biocompatible, and kind to opposing teeth.

Trustworthy Dentistry

While many patients aren’t familiar with the many cosmetic dental treatments available today it would be easy to spend thousands on a smile makeover. Dr. Fondriest and his staff will make sure you are aware of the available treatment options, what they entail, and how much they cost. As an ethical, compassionate, dentist who believes in minimally invasive dentistry and the importance of your natural tooth structure, he will only recommend what he sees fit as a suitable treatment for your individual case.

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