Is Sugar A Big Threat to Dental Health?

Is Sugar Bad for Dental Health?

Do you ever find yourself wondering what all the fuss about sugar is really about? Have you long been told that too many candy or other sweets can lead to dental decay, but often wondered why that is, or even if it’s true? If so, it can be extremely helpful to understand why sugar can be such a big threat to one’s dental health, that way you can make more informed decisions about what you choose to eat and drink on a regular basis. You might even be pleasantly surprised to learn that there are actually some relatively simple steps you can take, to better preserve your smile and your overall dental health!

Why Is Sugar Such a Big Problem?

Many people don’t realize that the plaque bacteria found in their mouths feed on sugars and other simple starches. That means that the more sugar one consumes on a regular basis, the more likely he or she is to struggle with dental decay and other oral health issues that are caused by plaque buildup, and the acidic environment it creates. Therefore, to help prevent against cavities and even gum disease (which plaque also contributes to) is by limiting one’s guar intake.

Avoid Too Much Sugar, and Prolonged Exposure to It

Sugar-filled drinks, like sodas and sweetened teas, can be particularly problematic, because most people enjoy beverages for longer periods of time than their meals, leading to ongoing exposure to the sugars. For this reason, it is wise to drink mostly water, which actually naturally helps to protect the smile, while also providing your body and brain with the hydration they need to function properly.

If you are going to enjoy a sweet beverage, follow up with a glass of water, and brush your teeth, if at all possible, to help prevent prolonged exposure to the sugar, which could eventually lead to a cavity requiring a dental filling.

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