Is It Time to Complete Your Smile? Part One

Time to Complete Your Smile?

Was 2016 a troubling year for your smile? That is, did you lose a tooth or have one extracted? Many people remember how elated they felt the first time they lost a tooth as a child. Yet the feelings they experience as adults, suffering from tooth loss, can be troublingly different. Did you feel frustrated, for instance, or embarrassed, to lose a tooth? What about worried? Many people fear that their smiles will never look or feel the same following adult tooth loss. Fortunately, that doesn’t have to be the case. Modern dental prostheses make it possible to rebound from tooth loss with both comfort and confidence. So, if you are ready to start 2017 with a renewed sense of hope, and actually enjoying showing off your smile, talk to your dentist about how a prostheses could help you complete your smile, both stylishly and with stability.

Did You Lose a Tooth or Have One Extracted?

Whether the cause of your tooth loss was a fluke accident, caused by a work injury or due to a progressed infection or other dental problem, in many cases the solution is the same – a dental prostheses to help complete the smile.

That said the dentist will need to determine the cause of your tooth loss, to help prevent further loss, if possible. For instance, gum disease is actually the leading cause of adult tooth loss in America. That is because this is a disease that causes the gums to become inflamed, and eventually to loosen from the teeth, altogether, eventually causing loss of teeth.

To prevent future tooth loss caused by gum disease, the dentist might recommend periodontal therapy to help improve the gums’ condition. In other instances, like after an injury that left several teeth damaged, restorative treatment like crowns could help protect damaged teeth from further wear or even from falling out.

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