Is It Time for an Artistic Smile Makeover?

Artistic Smile Design for a Pretty Smile

As an artist, are you proud of the work you create? Whether that is a painting, a song, a sculpture, a story, a photograph, a poem, or some other creation, you probably take great care to develop an idea you can be proud to show off and even put your name on. But how do you feel about your smile? If you are unhappy with the way it looks, there is good news. A skilled and artistic cosmetic dentist can hide imperfections and help enhance your smile’s natural beauty, leaving you with a one-of-a-kind smile you’ll be happy to showcase!

Has it been years since you last felt confident about your smile? In fact, when you look at old photographs are you nostalgic for the beautiful smile you enjoyed in your youth? Over time, many smiles become aged-looking, due to staining, wear, and other imperfections. Fortunately, a customized smile makeover makes it possible to reverse many signs of aging, leading to a smile that is rejuvenated, more youthful, and still totally you. So if you are ready to get back to enjoying a smile you feel proud to show off, talk to your cosmetic dentist about how an artistic smile makeover could help!

Are You Unhappy with Your Teeth or Gums?

If imperfections with your teeth are your biggest source of concern, there are a number of potential treatments to help erase or hide those imperfections, leaving a beautiful smile in their place.

  • For staining, professional whitening is often the simplest and most effective treatment. Professional whitening is designed to lighten teeth noticeably, generally in a few week’s time or less.
  • Cosmetic bonding and porcelain veneers can be used to address size, shape, and even contouring problems with the teeth. They can also hide small gaps between the teeth, and jagged edges caused by excessive wear.
  • A gum lift is the best way to address issues with the gums, rather than teeth. Whether excessive gum tissue growth has caused the teeth to appear small, or has created an asymmetrical gumline, a gum lift can help rejuvenate the smile.

Of course, for many patients one treatment will not be sufficient to create their ideal smiles. Instead, the dentist must create a customized, artistic smile makeover, based on the patient’s causes for concern, as well as his or her overall goals for the smile.

Is More Than Once Concern Causing You Insecurity?

In the case of a single concern, such as staining, the cosmetic dentist may recommend a singular treatment to help address the issue. However, in the case of several imperfections causing insecurity, a customized smile makeover may be a better solution.

This involves first carefully evaluating the causes of concern, and then devising a plan to address each of the imperfections as effectively and comprehensively as possible. In most instances, this involves combining cosmetic treatments in order to hide any imperfections, as well as to highlight a smile’s natural beauty.

What Is a Customized Smile Makeover?

While teeth whitening is one common first step in a smile makeover, often a dentist will recommend either cosmetic bonding or porcelain veneers to help address issues related to the size or shape of teeth. These procedures can also be used to hide minor gaps between teeth.

In some cases, a gum lift may even be necessary to help sculpt the gumline into a more pleasing shape, and helping to reveal teeth that can sometimes become hidden behind excessive gum tissue as one ages.

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