Is It Time for a Complete Smile Makeover? Part One

Time for a Custom Smile Makeover

Do you feel insecure because of imperfections with your smile? Have you found yourself attempting to hide your teeth when speaking with friends or family, for fear they will fixate on the noticeable staining, alignment issues, jagged edges or disproportionate shape or size of some of your teeth that detract from your smile’s natural beauty? Have you delayed talking to your dentist, because you are unsure what can actually be done to correct these issues? You could be concerned that the results of cosmetic treatment would be short lived? Fortunately, there are a number of ways your cosmetic dentist can help to hide imperfections and create a beautiful smile, one that will allow you to smile confidently for many years to come!

How Many Issues Are Causing Your Concern?

If you only have one issue causing you to feel embarrassed, then a single cosmetic treatment might be efficient at improving the overall look of your smile. For instance, many patients find that all they need to enhance their smile is a simple whitening treatment to address noticeable staining or discoloration.

In the case of a single tooth that is disproportionately sized or misshapen, you might need a single porcelain veneer to correct it effectively.

However, if there are several different imperfections causing you to feel concerned, a customized smile makeover through an artistic smile design expert might be ideal in hiding these flaws and creating a more uniform and beautiful smile. For instance, patients struggling with staining and several teeth that are misshapen or oddly sized, might need to combine treatments to effectively address both issues.

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