Is a Porcelain Crown What Your Smile Needs?

Is a Porcelain Crown What Your Smile Needs?

Are you suffering from discomfort when trying to enjoy your meals, or even a hot cup of coffee? It could be due to enamel erosion, like a cavity. Chips and cracks can also be problematic, especially since they can worsen with wear, potentially leading to painful tooth infections. Fortunately, most dental issues can effectively be addressed through restorative treatment. Dental crowns, in particular, can be great waysto protect teeth. Plus, thanks to dental porcelain, they can create seamless restorations, as well as comfortable and functional ones.

Are There Signs of Dental Damage?

It is very important not to ignore any signs of dental damage. That is because teeth cannot repair themselves the way some other parts of the body can. The skin, for instance, can often heal, given time. Teeth are different. In most cases, they require restorative treatment when dental issues have developed.

Cavities are the most common dental issue, and untreated, they can lead to painful tooth infections. Chips and cracks are also common, though, and they can worsen with wear. That is unless a restoration is used to help protect them.

Chose a Seamless-looking Restoration

Porcelain crowns are a natural-looking and comfortable form of restoration, especially when compared to the metal restorations that were once common. That is because porcelain conducts less heat than metal, allowing for increased comfort particularly when chewing.

Porcelain is also highly customizable, which allows dentists to offer patients nearly seamless-looking restorations. This allows for increased confidence, as well as the comfort that a restoration can create.

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