Is A Gum Lift Right For You?

Is A Gum Lift Right For You?

When thinking about your smile, you might only think about the condition of your teeth as a factor. Your gums play a big role in the appearance of your smile. Excessive gum tissue can cause what is called a “gummy smile” and can lead to self-consciousness. A gummy smile can be happen when the gums do not continue to recede after the permanent teeth come in. It can also happen when the lips cover very little of the gum tissue. A procedure known as a gum lift can minimize these issues. 

What is a gum lift?

A gum lift is one of the most invasive cosmetic procedures, but it also delivers some of the most dramatic results in appearance. Your dentist will work with a periodontist or oral surgeon to help you design the smile you desire. The excess gum tissue will be gently removed to create a better proportion with your teeth.

It can work in tandem with other restorative treatment

If you and your dentist have created a plan with veneers or bonding, a gum lift may be the final step to revealing your new smile. The oral surgeon will work closely with your dentist to create a long-term plan that is best for you and your teeth.

A gum lift might be the last step for your best smile

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