Is a Dental Bridge Right for You?

Are you worried about the ill fit or even the awkward look of an existing dental prostheses? Perhaps you have recently lost a tooth, or you have an extraction scheduled soon. If so, have you considered the benefits of opting for a dental bridge I order to complete or update your smile? Dental bridges are great ways to help complete smiles after tooth loss or extraction, or even to update outdated or ill-fitting prostheses, because they rely on dental crowns to help hold a replacement tooth firmly in place. So, whether you are ready to update or complete your smile, why not speak with your restorative dentist about the varied ways a dental bridge could help?

Are You Unhappy with an Existing Denture?

One common reason for seeking prosthetic dental treatment is actually because of discontent with an existing prostheses. For instance, unsupported dentures can sometimes shift during chewing, causing discomfort and an overall sense of insecurity.

Dental bridges can help hold replacement teeth in place, including partial dentures, by using porcelain crowns, which are permanently affixed to healthy remaining teeth to hold the replacement securely in place.

Ready to Complete Your Smile for the First Time?

For patients who have recently lost a tooth and are seeking prosthetic treatment for the first time, it is wise to speak with the dentist about the many prostheses currently available, including dentures, dental bridges, and dental implants, many of which can actually be combined to help complete a smile with comfort creating, confidence inspiring and natural looking results!

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