Information about Porcelain Crowns

Want to learn more about porcelain crowns? Then take care to read today’s article. Here, Dr. James Fondriest, your Lake Forest, IL dentist shares additional facts about porcelain crowns with his patients.

Learn Essential Facts about Porcelain Crowns

  • Porcelain crowns correct a number of dental issues. Dental crowns can correct just about any dental issues, from root canals to dental breaks and even replacing teeth. For example, after a root canal, a tooth is longer strong enough to withstand much biting force. However, with porcelain crowns in place, a tooth’s functionality is restored. Also, for restorative dental pieces, like, dental bridges, crowns on either end of the bridge allow it to remain anchored in place.
  • It’s a natural-looking restoration. Porcelain material is preferred for dental pieces for a simple reason: porcelain can mimic natural teeth with ease. On its own, enamel is partially translucent—a quality that porcelain material also possesses. In other words, when a porcelain-based dental piece is in place, its very difficult to distinguish it from the surrounding teeth.
  • White crowns have a few varieties. As aforementioned, porcelain is a type of dental material that’s in high demand, however, its not the only type of white crown available. In fact, zirconia crowns have become quite popular. This specialized white crown is paired with ceramic to make a sturdier, most durable porcelain crown. Additionally, patients can also choose from E-max, Empress, and Feldspathic porcelain crowns.
  • Patients can choose from a couple of manufacturing methods. In the past, the only way to receive a porcelain-based dental piece was by using a ceramics lab. Yet, according to your Lake Forest, IL dentist, some dental practices use CEREC technology to create restorations in the office. To learn more about the CEREC milling system, you can simply ask Dr. Fondriest—he’s more than happy to clarify concerns or answer any questions.

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