Implant Dentistry Is an Advanced Way to Complete Your Smile

Advances in technology have brought us a great many wonderful things in recent years, from easier communication to endless sources of entertainment. But the world of dentistry has also improved because of technical advances. Just look at the wonderful ways dental implants have changed prosthetic dentistry. Now, losing a tooth doesn’t have to mean the end of your smile as you know it, or the end of enjoying mealtime, either. By stabilizing your replacement tooth or teeth, and implant can do wonders for your smile and confidence.

What an Implant Can Do for You

The first thing you need to understand, if you have suffered from the loss of a tooth or teeth, is that replacing a teeth is an important step in maintaining the health and appearance of your smile. Even if the missing tooth is not highly visible, its absence can cause your remaining teeth to try to shift out of alignment in order to close that gap. To avoid this, and maintain the function of your smile, a replacement tooth is necessary.

It’s the way an implant is placed within your smile that makes it different than other forms of restorative work. While implants can use a crown, pontic, or partial or full denture to complete the crown-part of your tooth, its root is also replaced through the use of a titanium post. This post is surgically inserted where your missing root was, and is then attached to your replacement tooth with a connector called an abutment. Through a process called osseointegration, your soft tissue will actually grow around the post, helping to stabilize your jaw, and your replacement tooth.

If you’re looking for a way to complete your smile that will remain steady, even as you chew, an implant is an excellent choice.

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