Lake Forest Dentist Asks: How Old is Your Mouth?

Aging is inevitable, but how we deal with it always varies. Some of us fight the aging process to look younger. There are several ways people attempt to look younger by focusing on their face or parts of their body. But the appearance of your mouth is often overlooked as an indication of age. You could look years older if your teeth are damaged or discolored. There is a connection between oral health status and appearance. Is your mouth showing more age than you?

Aging and Your Mouth

As we age, our mouth undergoes changes. For instance, gum recession sets in when we get older. A lifetime of chewing, and possibly teeth grinding, can wear down your teeth.   Too much teeth grinding can lead to early gum recession. So, if you are younger and have poor oral health, you could have similar looking teeth to someone twice your age. Not brushing or flossing regularly can leave bacteria to damage tooth enamel. Without enamel, your teeth are vulnerable to cavities and staining. Some tooth discoloration in our later years is natural, due to dulling and stains from dark foods, beverages, and possibly tobacco usage. But, rather than having natural wear later in life, you could have a mouth that looks older than you unless you keep your mouth healthy.   

Make Your Mouth Look Younger

Severe damage to tooth enamel is irreversible. But, to protect against further damage, and to make your mouth look younger, porcelain veneers are an option. Dr. Fondriest offers custom cut and shaded veneers, as well as no-prep veneers. With no-prep veneers, little or no tooth reduction takes place to attach the veneer. Both options can create a natural-looking, bright smile that also aligns teeth. Holes in our smile can make it seem that we’ve seen more years than we actually have. Dental implants for broken or missing teeth can also make your mouth look younger. Years of damage and wear can be erased with cosmetic dentistry.

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