Test Yourself on Professional Whitening

How long before I see results with professional whitening:

  1. A few days
  2. 1-2 months
  3. 4-6 months

Both 1 and 2 are correct. After a consultation to make sure your tooth color changes are from extrinisic causes (meaning foods and drinks and other products that come in contact with the outside of your teeth) you may decide to whiten your teeth using Nite White Excel 3. Nite White is a gel that works while you sleep. Most patients see distinct results in the first few days, and continue to use Nite White for one to two  months for the full effect. Day White Excel 3 uses a gentler whitening agent, and is a good choice for patients with sensitive teeth.

How do Nite White Excel 3 and Day White Excel 3 work?

  1. Magic
  2. A chemical reaction using forms of peroxide
  3. Abrasive particles

2 is correct. Both Nite White and Day White use forms of peroxide, in varying concentrations to achieve their whitening effects. The gels are used at home, and the chemicals maintain their potency during the length of the treatment as each dose is stored in a special syringe with chambers that keep the chemicals from reacting until you are ready to apply them to your teeth

Which of These Habits Help Keep Your Teeth Their Brightest?

  1. Using a straw to drink dark colored beverages
  2. Avoiding strong sunlight
  3. Rinsing your mouth with water after acidic foods like tomatoes and some sports drinks
  4. Not holding strongly colored foods in contact with your teeth.

1, 3, and 4 are correct. Sunlight (#2) doesn’t have an effect on tooth color.

One final note about professional whitening: while it is helpful for surface stains on the teeth (extrinsic) it will not affect stains within the tooth itself (intrinsic stains). Before you begin any whitening procedure, we will examine your teeth and consult with you on which procedures are likely to give the best results. A tooth that is discolored due to intrinsic stains may need a restorative procedure such as a porcelain crown to address a problem within the tooth, and intrinsic stains due to medication or other issues can be addressed with cosmetic procedures such as porcelain veneers or no prep veneers.

About Your Lake Forest Cosmetic Dentist:

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