Strong teeth

Strong teeth

Your teeth are the most used parts of your body. Therefore, they need to be strong in order to successfully accomplish their duties without being worn down or damaged. They also need to remain strong enough to repel harmful oral bacteria and food particles that could lead to tooth decay. Today, we take a look at what makes your teeth strong and how you can make them stronger to substantially improve your long-term oral health.

The Importance of Healthy Nutrients

Every part of your body needs a healthy supply of nutrients to function properly and stay healthy. Eat plenty of vegetables such as carrots. Veggies passively clean your teeth just by eating them. The same is true for your teeth and the incredibly resilient enamel that surrounds them. Tooth enamel is made mostly of minerals, like calcium and phosphate, which are the secret to their enhanced resiliency. To stay resilient, strong teeth must be replenished with these minerals. Maintaining a healthy and nutritious diet is key to excellent oral health.

Revisiting the Point of Good Hygiene

If you don’t get enough nutrients, then your tooth enamel and teeth will grow weaker. However, lack of nutrition isn’t the only threat. The actual causes behind things like tooth decay are the harmful oral bacteria that form plaque. Healthy or not, your teeth are constantly attacked by oral bacteria, which is why consistently good hygiene is another vital part of keeping your teeth strong and healthy. Brushing and flossing plaque away at least twice a day stops them from producing enough acids to weaken and destroy tooth enamel. Without proper hygiene, it leaves your teeth exposed and vulnerable to decay.

Learn More About how to Make My Teeth Stronger

Healthy teeth stay healthy when they’re strong enough to protect themselves against things like harmful oral bacteria. To learn how to have a healthy smile and to make your teeth stronger, schedule a consultation by calling us at 847-234-0517. We also proudly serve residents of Chicago and all surrounding communities in the Chicago Metro area.