How Can I Improve My Smile?: Part Two

Cosmetic Dentistry as a Christmas Present

It might not be the first thing that comes to the mind each holiday season, and you’re probably not seeing commercials advertising it the way you do perfume or jewelry. But if you’re struggling to decide what you really want Santa to bring you this year, how about asking for a gift that will keep on giving and never go out of style, cosmetic dentistry. There are a number of treatments ranging from one hour cosmetic bonding to incredibly long-lasting veneers, which can help improve your smile, and leave you feeling extra merry this holiday!

Gum Contouring Provides a Way to Address Esthetic Issues

While many people think about their teeth, when they think about cosmetic dentistry, teeth aren’t the only cause of concern. Sometimes an asymmetrical gumline can actually cause the teeth to appear disproportional when they’re not the problem. An overly “gummy” smile is also a common side effect of aging.

Gum contouring, often called a gum lift, involves carefully etching away portions of the gums that are excessive or out of line with the rest of your smile. This can drastically improve the overall appearance of your smile, not just the gums. And, thanks to modern technology, the procedure requires less recovery time than in the past. In fact, the dentist is able to suture as he or she sculpts, by using a specialized laser. This makes the process much faster and more comfortable.

Do You Need Multiple Treatments?

Of course, for many patients, the only way to achieve their ideal smile is through combining two or more treatments, as part of an artistic smile makeover. Seeking a cosmetic dentist with skill and experience improving a number of conditions, is a great way to make sure you achieve your dream smile. It also helps ensure your smile still looks natural, which is just as important as it looking beautiful!

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