How Can I Improve My Smile?: Part One

Questions about Cosmetic Dentistry?

If you’re tired of feeling self-conscious because of imperfections in your smile, you probably already know that cosmetic dentistry can help. But do you know how? There are actually a number of treatment options to help correct flaws of both the teeth and gums. Often just figuring out which is right for you is half the challenge. If stains are your primary concern, a simple whitening treatment could be the difference between a dingy and a dazzling smile. Other issues, however, like gaps between teeth or disproportional teeth can be fixed, and much quicker than you might think. But there are a number of ways to address them. Figuring out which is best at addressing your concerns, and fitting your lifestyle and budget, can be tricky, but that is where an experienced cosmetic dentist comes in. His or her expertise can help you transition from struggling with insecurity, feeling confident in your one-of-a-kind and beautiful smile!

Cosmetic Bonding and Contouring, and Veneers All Offer Teeth Enhancements

If your concerns are more pronounced than staining, but are related only to imperfections in your teeth, bonding, contouring and veneers are three options that offer various solutions. Cosmetic bonding can correct disproportionally small teeth, while contouring can be used to adjust any teeth that are overly large. Both bonding and veneers can accomplish many of the same enhancements, but veneers offer the added durability that comes with dental porcelain. They’re also more stain resistant, making them ideal for heavy coffee drinkers, for instance. Of course, your budget may also be a deciding factor. If so, bonding and contouring are more affordable (and quicker to complete) than veneers.

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