How a Dental Crown Can Help You Cope with a Cavity

Coping with a Cavity

It happens to the best of us. That is, nearly 100 percent of adults will develop a cavity at one point or another. While you shouldn’t feel bad, you do need to seek help in order to improve your oral health and prevent or eliminate the pain often associated with a cavity. Though fillings are frequently used to treat a cavity, dental crowns can provide added protection. If you’d like to prevent an infection, while also improving the look and function of your smile, a porcelain crown could be just the thing.

Dental Crowns for Dealing with a Cavity

While a tooth-colored filling can be used to both seal a tooth and restore its appearance, after a cavity, in the case of deep cavities a crown can add much-needed additional protection.

For instance, a crown can securely seal a damaged tooth helping prevent future problems, such as infection, as well as complete a smile once marred by the ugly grey or black lines or spots of a cavity. Crowns can also be used to protect teeth that have chipped or cracked, by preventing undue wear on them which might worsen the chip or crack.

Modern dental crowns can be made in a variety of substances, including porcelain-fused-to-metal, but porcelain is one of the most popular because of its adaptability. A skilled ceramicist can create a crown that matches your other teeth in size, shape, shade and even contouring, right down to the sheen. If you want a beautifully restored smile, look no further than a restorative porcelain crown for coping with a cavity, chip, or other dental issue.

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