Honor Your Natural Smile with Custom Crafted Veneers

Porcelain Veneers Custom Smile

Modern porcelain veneers are made to seamlessly match your existing teeth, while hiding any noticeable flaws, in order to help create your ideal smile. They’re made just for you because cosmetic dentistry shouldn’t be about offering a cookie cutter solution to every patient’s problems. It should be about helping every single patient look and feel his or her best. Custom-crafted porcelain veneers are one great way a dentist can help enhance your smile, while preserving the wonderful qualities that make it yours. So, if you think cosmetic veneers mean choosing overly bright, and abnormally large teeth over the small and/or stained ones you have now? Think again!

What Makes Veneers Such Popular Cosmetic Treatment?

Veneers are carefully designed to both hide any imperfections with your existing smile, while also highlighting its strengths. The veneers are made to match your natural teeth in shade, shape and even contouring, so that the end result is both natural-looking and beautiful. After all, what good is a “perfect smile” if it doesn’t feel right for you?

Because veneers are made from porcelain, the results of the cosmetic treatment are incredibly long lasting. In fact, porcelain is nearly 90 percent as strong and stain resistant as your natural enamel, which is why many patients are able to enjoy porcelain dental work, either cosmetic or restorative, for over ten years.

If you’re worried about the damage that must be done to your existing teeth’s enamel, in order to apply veneers, the good news is that many cosmetic dentists now offer little or no-prep veneers. These require very little alteration be made to your existing teeth, because the veneers themselves are crafted incredibly thin. If you’ve delayed asking your dentist about veneers to hide your teeth’s flaws because you were worried it meant ruining your healthy teeth enamel, now is a great time to ask about no-prep veneers.

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