Top Four Holiday Dental Offenders

Don’t be a dental emergency statistic. During the holidays you don’t like thinking about emergencies. You like to hope that all goes well and you and your family come out on the other end healthy and happy, and most of the time all goes well. However, there are those occasional mishaps, and some of them include teeth. Read on to find out about the top four holiday dental offenders.

Dental Offenders

If you want to make it through the holidays without a dental mishap perhaps you should try to avoid the following four foods:

  1. Sticky desserts and candies: If you have any kind of dental work including fillings, crowns, or dental bridges, you may want to stay away from sticky treats. Hard sticky substances (chewing on a candy cane for instance) can damage your filling, crown, or bridge by pulling it out or cracking the crown. Other sticky snacks can get stuck in between your teeth.
  2. Beef or turkey jerky: Tough meats like beef or turkey jerky can cause damage to your teeth if you’re not careful when you’re eating them. In ancient times your teeth were bigger and stronger specifically for ripping and tearing large pieces of raw meat. Today your teeth aren’t as equipped for that. They are strong and so is your tooth enamel, but ripping and tearing are not suggested. Rather bite off small pieces and chew carefully. Choose a different snack if you aren’t able to eat jerky comfortably.
  3. Biscotti or baguettes: Biscotti and baguettes are hard, extra crispy treats. Biscotti are often dipped in coffee to soften before biting. Biting into one of these treats can mean cracking a tooth or damaging a filling. Bite off small pieces and chew slowly to avoid a dental mishap.
  4. Popcorn:  Caramel popcorn can be a popular snack during the holidays, and gourmet popcorns are often great gifts. While popcorn is delicious and fun to eat, popcorn hulls can play havoc on your teeth and gums. When they wedge their way into hard-to-reach areas between your teeth, around your gum, or under your gumline it can be painful and even result in infection. Chomping down on an unpopped kernel can break, crack, or fracture a tooth or dental filling. Carmel-coated popcorn is sweet and sticky, as well, so it is important to brush and floss after eating a popcorn snack.

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