Help! My Tooth Was Injured

Tooth Injury? Restorative Treatment Can Help

Did you recently suffer an injury to your mouth, during an intramural game of soccer or basketball? If you were in a car wreck, your first concern might not be your teeth, especially if there is no visible damage, such as a chip or crack. However, injuries to the mouth can often lead to problems down the road, including infections and possibly the need for an extraction. To prevent the need for extensive treatment, it’s important to schedule an appointment with a restorative dentist if you have suffered an oral injury.

Many Issues Can Be Addressed with a Dental Crown

Whether the trauma to your mouth has caused a chip, crack, or some other form of damage, the solution is often the same, a dental crown. Crowns can be used to protect fragile or otherwise damaged teeth by creating a barrier against further wear, decay, or worsening damage.

Though metal crowns are still offered by many dentists, and may be useful for back molars, which are highly used and rarely seen, most dentists now recommend porcelain crowns for more visible teeth. That’s because these crowns are both strong, and nearly seamless!

Restorative Treatment May Be Necessary Even Without Obvious Signs of Trouble

Even if no visible damage has been done to your teeth, that does not ensure that your oral health has not been negatively affected by a trauma to your mouth. Injuries to teeth can sometimes cause intrinsic damage that will not be visible or even felt. They can still, however, lead to infection.

Your restorative dentist can use an x-ray to check for any potential problems, and provide treatment as necessary.