Have a Smile Healthy Valentine’s Day

Smile Healthy Alternatives for Valentine's Day

You work hard all year long to maintain great oral health, and may have even invested in cosmetic dentistry to truly perfect your smile. So if you don’t feel like counteracting all that hard work by loading up on sugary treats this Valentine’s Day, there are plenty of healthier alternatives. Whether you’re looking to give something to your significant other, or for treats to send to your kids’ holiday party, here are some dentist-approved alternatives to candy hearts and chocolates!

Bake Something a Little Better

If you love cupcakes, but hate all the calories (and cavity-causing sugar) bake a healthier option, like a nutritious muffin. There are ways to substitute applesauce for oil, and even shredded vegetables in place of higher calorie ingredients. And using bananas, raisins, or even dates can provide natural sweetness without added sugar.

Look for some recipes on your favorite food blog or Pinterest!

You could also cut out pieces of fruit, like cantaloupes or watermelons, with heart-shaped cookie cutters. Add grapes and other fruits to a skewer to make a cute and sweet treat.

Gifts Don’t Have to Be Edible to Be Enjoyed

Nothing says you have to give your kids’ friends chocolate to make them happy. In fact, they’ll probably get more than enough of that from their parties at school. Instead of candy, provide small toys or games, stickers, glow sticks or other little treats that are sure to elicit smiles, without causing them problems later on.

Sugar-free gum is another great alternative to traditional candy, as it is still sweet, but it can actually clean the teeth between brushings, which can help keep them healthy!

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