Got Questions? Ask Your Cosmetic Dentist

Got Questions? Cosmetic Dentistry

Are you anxious to spend this year with a smile you love, but not sure how to achieve that? If so, your cosmetic dentist can definitely help. A cosmetic dentist can also address any questions you might have about your options for cosmetic treatment, and even how to combine several to create a customized smile makeover. You might just be surprised how quickly some treatments can drastically improve your existing smile, so don’t get lost in wondering. Talk to your cosmetic dentist.

Can Treatment Help If I Have Drastic Problems?

There are no imperfections that cannot be addressed effectively through cosmetic dentistry. It is just a matter of determining which, or how many, are necessary to help achieve your dream smile.

For many patients that means using whitening treatment to lighten all the teeth, before using another form of treatment, such as bonding or veneers.

These are effective at addressing many severe issues, including gaps between teeth, disproportionally small teeth or misshapen teeth.

Which Treatment Is Right for Me?

To determine which cosmetic treatment will best suit your needs, the dentist will first need to know the concerns that have caused you to seek treatment. If your only issue is staining, for instance, professional whitening will likely be an effective and comprehensive way to eradicate your concerns.

On the other hand, if you have several small or jagged teeth, you may need bonding or veneers to address those, as well as whitening on all your teeth, so that the resulting smile is both symmetrical and bright white.

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