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Today is the first day of the merry month of May, and with May comes beauty and brightness. Are you looking for a brighter smile? If so, look no further. Dr. James Fondriest can brighten your smile in any of a variety of ways. Depending on the treatment option you choose, you can brighten your countenance via whitening, composite bonding, or veneers. Don’t worry if you’re not sure which to choose or what each entails. Dr. Fondriest and his friendly, compassionate staff will work with you to determine your wants, needs, and desires, and be honest as to whether or not they can attain them. Some people have expectations that exceed reason, but at Lake Forest Dental Arts they will guide you every step of the way to a realistic and beautiful result.

A Brighter Smile

Whether it’s a brighter smile you are looking for or a complete smile makeover, the first step is to meet with Dr. Fondriest and his staff to share your goals and your idea of your dream smile. During this meeting they will strive to understand your goals completely and discuss available treatment options, costs, and procedures. With this knowledge you will be better able to make the right decisions for you, both financially and otherwise. When it comes to whitening or bleaching, Dr. Fondriest recommends a home bleaching treatment called Nite White Excel 3. Lake Forest Dental does not offer in-office bleaching because it results in dehydration of the dentition and can lead to irritation of the pulp and gingival tissue. In addition to take-home bleaching, Dr. Fondriest can perform cosmetic bonding procedures or place dental veneers to attain a whiter smile.

Artistic Dentistry

As a highly skilled dental artiste, Dr. Fondriest can hide stains; imperfections; lengthen worn teeth; improve the shape of teeth; hide gaps between teeth;  fix chipped, cracked, or broken teeth; hide craze lines and more with cosmetic bonding or dental veneers. Dr. Fondriest offers a variety of treatments to meet his patient’s needs. Cosmetic bonding is quick, easy, and economical. Treatment for two or three teeth can be performed in one visit. Dental veneers can be placed in two visits and requires a bit of enamel removal and dental impressions which are then sent to the lab for custom fabrication of the veneers. With Dr. Fondriest artistic attention to detail, the final product with either treatment will be stellar.

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