Getting To Know Gingivitis

getting to know gingivitis

Gingivitis is the early and mild form of gum disease. While it can be reversed, if it is left untreated it can progress into a severe form of gum disease, periodontitis. Gum disease is not only serious for your oral health, but it can negatively impact your entire body. Gum disease can increase the risk for heart failure, diabetes, stroke, kidney disease, and even arthritis. If we learn more about gingivitis, how to treat and prevent it, we can learn more about to better our health as a whole. 

Signs of gingivitis

Harmful bacteria is the cause of gingivitis. The bacteria feeds on food particles left on our mouth turning into a plaque that builds up on our teeth and on our gingival tissue. Plaque on the gingival tissue can cause inflammation (gingivitis), redness, and swelling. If you notice a change in your gums, it is important to let your dentist know. Puffy, bleeding gums are a common sign of gingivitis. If caught early enough, gingivitis can be treated before it progresses into periodontitis. Once the gum disease progresses to far, it cannot be reversed. Periodontal disease can result in the gum tissue pulling away from the tooth exposing the roots. Imagine the foundation of a house moving; it leaves the tooth in a precarious position.

Prevention is key

Regular flossing is key to caring for gums. Because brushing only cleans the surface of the teeth, it is important to floss to remove any potential bacteria bait from the gum line. Regular visits to your dentist and dental hygienist are also a crucial part of your oral hygiene routine. Lowering your risk of gum disease lowers your risk for other diseases.

The more you know about gingivitis, the better you can protect yourself.

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