Fruit Juice and Your Dental Health

You might think fruit juice is good for you. If you think that, you’re right. It is good for you in some ways. For instance, it contains vitamin C which helps fight colds and other illnesses. It contains antioxidants which can help keep your heart healthy, and fight cancer and dementia.  However, fruit juice is not good for your teeth. In today’s blog, your Lake Forest Dentist, Dr.Fondriest, explains why.

Sugar, Sugar, Sugars

You already know sugar is bad for your teeth. The harmful bacteria in your mouth love to consume sugars and starches, and as they do they convert them into acids that break down your teeth causing cavities.  The bacteria also build up as bacterial plaque, and if not removed by brushing, harden into tartar. Bacterial plaque and acids irritate the gum which can lead to gingivitis and eventually periodontitis. Periodontitis is the severe stage of periodontal disease, and is the major cause of tooth loss.

Fruit Juice

Pure fruit juice already contains naturally occurring sugars and in some cases pure fruit juice may have more sugar than soda. When sugars are added to juice they are labeled as a juice drink or a juice cocktail in the U.S. Certain fruit juices such as cranberry juice or lime juice are more acidic than vinegar. These acids wear down tooth enamel causing tooth decay, and irritate your gums, especially if consumed excessively. While many parents substitute juice for soda thinking they are helping their children, in one way they are–fruit juice is definitely more nutritious than soda–but fruit juice can harm their teeth. Orange juice, in particular, has been found to soften teeth and roughen tooth surfaces, leaving them vulnerable to decay.

About Your Lake Forest Dentist:

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