Four Ways That You Could Have a Whiter Smile

Are your teeth not as white as you’d like them to be? Whether you have extrinsic (outer) stains from food or drinks, or intrinsic (inner) stains from medication or fluorosis, North Shore cosmetic dentist Dr. James Fondriest offers cosmetic dental procedures to brighten your teeth.

    • Whitening: Professional teeth whitening can produce more dramatic, longer lasting results than over-the-counter whitening. Dr. Fondriest prefers at-home whitening, and you can choose from two options: NiteWhite Excel and DayWhite Excel.
    • Bonding: Sometimes whitening is not enough to remove stains. Cosmetic bonding is another wonderful option to brighten teeth. The composite resin comes in many shade varieties to blend with teeth. This procedure requires little tooth preparation and can repair minor flaws in the teeth, like cracks, chips, or gaps.

  • Veneers: These ultrathin, durable porcelain shells can also brighten teeth and cover flaws. Porcelain veneers also strengthen tooth enamel. Dr. Fondriest places a variety of veneers that come in color options to beautifully blend with teeth. These restorations require more preparation than bonding but provide beautiful results that last longer.
  • Crowns: If you have teeth that are damaged and permanently discolored, porcelain crowns can restore and beautify them. The porcelain used to make these restorations comes in the same varieties as veneers as well as a stronger porcelain-fused-to-metal option.

If you would like whiter teeth, Dr. Fondriest can discuss the best choices for you. Call our Lake Forest, IL, dental practice today at 847-234-0517.

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