Feel Like Your Young Self Again with Cosmetic Dental Care: Part Two

Feel Young Again Thanks to Cosmetic Denitstry

You work hard to stay in good shape so you can keep up with your grandkids on the playground, and with your coworkers on the golf course. But does your smile reflect how young you feel, or how many candles were on your last birthday cake? If you feel your smile could use some rejuvenation, cosmetic dentistry could help. But whitening and veneers aren’t the only way to correct esthetic issues. In many cases, as a person ages, the teeth aren’t the only cause for cosmetic concern. Other times, wear may have caused more than an esthetic issue. Here are just a few more ways your cosmetic dentist could help take years off your smile, and make it stronger and more beautiful.

What if my teeth are worn to the point that it has caused damage?

If the wear on your teeth has caused functional problems, you might need restorative treatment before addressing your cosmetic concerns. For instance, if years of teeth grinding are causing you jaw pain, in many cases a dentist may recommend an oral appliance, which can often help prevent further grinding. This in turn can help prolong both your restorative and cosmetic dental work!

A porcelain dental crown can also be used to help protect teeth made fragile by trauma, decay or excessive wear, and because it is made to match your natural-teeth the restoration will be both beautiful and functional.

How can a cosmetic dentist help with gum problems?

Though many people don’t consider the ways one’s gums affect the esthetics of their smiles, often as people age the gum tissue becomes excessive, causing the teeth to appear smaller and disproportional. To address this, a cosmetic dentist can work closely with an oral surgeon to devise a plan for the smile that involves forming a more symmetrical gumline. To achieve this, the oral surgeon can then carefully sculpt the gums.

While recovery from this procedure is longer than many cosmetic treatments, it is often the best way to improve the smile’s appearance, and it can certainly make the smile look much younger!

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