Feel and Look Your Best with a Tooth-colored Filling

Feel Your Best with a dental Filling

Are you tired of feeling embarrassed every time you smile, because of deep discoloration caused by an untreated dental cavity? Worse, are you sick of suffering sensitivity or discomfort every time you try to enjoy a meal? Dental cavities can be quite unpleasant, both cosmetically and functionally. Fortunately, when a cavity is detected early, it can usually be treated through a minimally invasive restoration, like a dental filling. That means, you could get back to enjoying your meals – and your life – quickly and with confidence!

Don’t Ignore Signs of Cavities

One important thing to remember about dental decay, is that it cannot be reversed without professional dental care. That is because the teeth lack the ability to restore themselves, the way the skin can, for instance. Over time, dental issues will only worsen, unless they are treated through restorative dentistry.

So, if you are suffering heightened or painful sensitivity, it is best to speak with a restorative dentist about what could be done to protect your smile and improve your comfort.

Enjoy Confidence and Comfort When Smiling

Tooth-colored fillings are a modern alternatives to metal amalgam, and while their most obvious benefit might just be the fact that they are nearly seamless, cosmetically, there are other benefits to modern fillings, as well.

For instance, the composite resin material used to create them requires less space than metal, allowing for more of a healthy tooth to be preserved. The material also bonds tightly with teeth, creating great protection against bacteria and food particles. Resin also conducts less heat than metal, making it a more comfortable selection for most patients, particularly those with metal allergies or sensitivities.

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