Lake Forest, IL Dentist Teaches Patients about Excessive Gums

Excessive gingival display is a condition in which the gums overshadow the crowns of your teeth—it’s also referred to as excessive gums or a gummy smile. An excessive gum line can stem from a number of causes, one of which includes genetics. In fact, a large amount of people with a gummy smile have one or both parents who also have a gummy smile.

Dr. James Fondriest, your Lake Forest, IL dentist explains the alternative causes of excessive gums in today’s blog post.

What Causes Gummy Smiles?

  • Abnormal tooth eruption. If your teeth erupted incorrectly as a child, this may indicate the cause of your gummy smile. When teeth don’t erupt in the correct manner, the gum line covers more of the tooth’s crown than necessary. In these instances, the patient’s teeth probably have the proper length; however, their excessive gums prevents the remainder of the tooth from being seen.
  • Overactive lip movement. Some patients have a hyperactive upper lip muscle, which raises the upper lip higher than necessary. This leads to extra exposure of the gum line, giving your smile a disproportionate crown to gum ratio.
  • Jaw bone development. According to your Lake Forest, IL dentist, the manner in which your upper jaw bone developed has a great influence on excessive gum exposure. For example, should your upper jaw jut out more than the average person’s jaw, this could explain why you have a gummy smile.

Correcting Excessive Gums

One of the go-to corrective methods for an excessive gingival display is a crown lengthening (or gum contouring) procedure. With this treatment, the doctor uses a dental laser to remove the extra gum tissue from your teeth. This exposes the appropriate crown length to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing smile.

Furthermore, some patients can receive orthodontic treatment to correct their misaligned smile and excessive gums. To learn more about the treatment types, ask Dr. Fondriest to discuss those details with you during your next dental visit.

For Excessive Gum Treatment, Visit Lake Forest Dental Arts

If would like to reduce the appearance of your excessive gums, consult with Dr. Fondriest about treatment. With his help, your smile can have a proportioned crown to gum ratio to eliminate the gummy smile issue. To schedule an appointment with our Lake Forest, IL dental practice, call (847) 234-0517. Also, visit our website for services, testimonials, and before-and-after gallery. Dr. Fondriest and his staff welcome patients from Chicago and surrounding cities.

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