Everything You Want to Know About Artistic Dentistry

Artistic Dentistry Smile

Even if you love your neighbor’s new car, you probably don’t want to go out and buy the exact same one. Most people appreciate quality in craftsmanship, but they also value having something unique. It’s true of cars, homes and even fashion choices. But it’s especially true when it comes to smiles. While you may admire a celebrity’s “perfect” smile, you probably don’t want to have an identical copy, and no patient wants to have a one-size-fits all dental treatment. Well, have you heard about artistic dentistry? A skilled cosmetic dentist can offer a way to improve your smile, without losing the charm that makes it uniquely yours.

What Sets Artistic Dentistry Apart?

Artistic dentistry focuses on improving imperfections within a smile, without making it look like something out of a textbook. Instead, the cosmetic dentist will work very carefully with the client to treat every individual concern.

If you have a few teeth that are too small, jagged or otherwise misshapen, for instance, a cosmetic dentist can use either a combination of bonding and contouring or porcelain veneers to correct the problem areas. In doing so, the dentist can help create a more uniform look to your teeth without needing to alter all of them.

If staining is your chief concern, professional whitening can help lighten your teeth without making them artificially white.

Working as a Team

Another benefit of choosing a cosmetic dentist that specializes in artistic dentistry is that he or she can skillfully combine treatments, as necessary, to create your ideal smile. Once the dentist is sure of what you’re looking to gain from cosmetic treatment, he or she can work closely with any other professionals necessary to give you excellent results. For instance, the dentist may have veneers or crowns custom-created for you by a skilled artisan, who specializes in working with dental porcelain.

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