Enjoying Modern Cosmetic Improvements With No-Prep Veneers

Cosmetic dental improvements

What can no-prep veneers offer someone who wants to make cosmetic changes to the way they look when they smile? While traditional veneers are already remarkably slim, they require the removal of enamel in order to fit properly on a person’s teeth. No-prep veneers, like conventional porcelain veneers, can hide chips and cracks, stains, and other superficial flaws. No-prep veneers can be attractive to prospective patients because they boast an even slimmer construction, which will mean a reduction, or even an elimination, of preparatory work on teeth. Once in place, no-prep veneers provided by your Lake Forest, IL dentist will allow you the opportunity to flash a dazzling, improved smile.

The Placement Process For No-Prep Veneers

As with traditional veneers, no-prep veneers are made to provide a custom fit over your teeth. However, they can be designed so that you have little to no advanced work done on your teeth to create the right fit. This means patients who are anxious about a removal of healthy layers of enamel will not need to worry. The placement is typically comfortable enough that no anesthesia needs to be administered. Once in place, your no-prep veneers should stay firm, and offer results that last for many years.

Finding The Right Way To Make Smile Improvements That Will Last

Your dentist can provide many different approaches to cosmetic dental work. How will you know if you have found a procedure that works for you? You can set up a consultation to find out more information. If you have received a recommendation for cosmetic work but wish for a second opinion, our practice does welcome people for second opinion consultations. Because cosmetic work is meant to last for many years, having a professional confirmation can provide real reassurance.

Learn more about the cosmetic dental improvement with No-Prep Veneers

Patients who want to learn how they can make big cosmetic changes with less preparatory work on teeth can be thrilled by what no-prep veneers will offer them. Our practice is proud to help patients who want to see notable esthetic improvements made to their teeth.  To schedule a consultation, call our office in Lake Forest, IL, today at 847-234-0517. We also proudly serve residents of Chicago and all surrounding communities in the Chicago Metro area.