Enjoy The Season While Caring for Your Smile: Part One

Seasonal Preventive Care Tips

Many people worry about packing on a few pounds over the holiday season. Spending so much time celebrating with family and friends, often around a kitchen table, can cause waistbands to expand during the cold winter months. But your belt may not be the only casualty of consistent overeating. Eating too many sugary treats or missing out on key nutrients can also wreak holiday havoc on your smile, leaving you to start the new year with potential dental issues like cavities and even gum disease. If you’d like to avoid this and maintain your lovely smile, instead, it’s time to take some tips from your preventive dentist about how to keep your smile in great shape this holiday season and the whole new year through.

What to Eat, Drink for a Healthy Smile

First, one key to a balanced diet is to keep a positive attitude. Instead of thinking about all the foods you need to give up to stay fit and maintain your dental health, focus on what you enjoy about your new way of eating.

Loading up on vegetables and fruits, lean proteins, some dairy and healthy fats is a way to keep yourself satiated, while also receiving vital nutrients needed to maintain healthy bodies, including your bones and your teeth.

When your diet is lacking in key nutrients, it can cause teeth to become weakened and more prone to dental issues, like cavities.

Drinking plenty of water not only keeps your entire body hydrated, it’s also crucial to good oral health. When patients struggle with dry mouth, they often have problems forming saliva, which is a natural plaque fighter. Chronic dry mouth, whether due to poor dietary choices, side effects of a medication, or another cause, can make a patient far more likely to develop dental problems.

Avoid this by staying hydrated throughout the day. It’s especially helpful to drink water immediately after a caffeinated, sugary, alcoholic or staining beverage, as all these can have negative effects on the smile, and in many cases the body as well.

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