Do You Need to Replace a Lost Tooth? Part One

Do You Need to Replace a Lost Tooth? Part One

Did you lose a tooth last year, or have to schedule an extraction? Many adults feel the frustration of tooth loss, and subsequently the many struggles it can cause. For instance, adults that have lost teeth may initially feel embarrassed and self-conscious about their incomplete smiles. Unfortunately, over time, lost teeth can also lead to alignment problems for the rest of the smile, difficulty chewing which can contribute to poor nutrition, and also jaw pains as a result of an ineffective bite. Fortunately, modern dental prostheses are designed to not only complete the smile cosmetically, but to truly restore its function. So if you are in need of a replacement tooth, why not consider the many options available to help both complete and restore your smile?

Don’t Settle for an Incomplete Smile

A single lost tooth might not initially seem like a huge concern, particularly if it was located toward the back of the smile, where it wasn’t highly visible. Yet over time, even one missing tooth can begin to cause problems for the rest of the smile.

First, remaining teeth often try to shift to fill a gap that was created by tooth loss or extraction. Over time, this can lead to difficulties chewing, and potentially teeth grinding, as well. Missing teeth can also cause extra strain on remaining teeth, since people chew differently when their smile is incomplete. Over time, lost teeth can also lead to a shrinking jaw. This is because the loss of a tooth also means the loss of a healthy tooth root, which serves to supply nutrients to the jaw as one chews.

Ready to Complete Your Smile?

Missing teeth can be embarrassing and frustrating. Fortunately, prosthetic dentistry makes it possible to truly rebound from tooth loss. You can call Lake Forest Dental Arts in Lake Forest, IL, today at 847-234-0517 to schedule your prosthetic appointment.

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