Do You Need a New or Updated Dental Restoration?

Do You Need a Dental Restoration?

Are you almost constantly feeling embarrassed by an outdated or obvious-looking dental restoration? Metal filings and crowns can pose several esthetic concerns, but they can also be uncomfortable for many patients, due to the high conductivity level of metal. For patients with metal allergies or sensitivities, these might not be options at all. Fortunately, modern restorations are designed to be both natural-looking and comfortable. So if you find yourself in need of restoration, to address a cavity, a chip, a crack, or another problem, there is no need to worry. Instead, speak with your restorative dentist about the seamless ways your smile can be restored, beautifully and functionally.

Consider a More Seamless Restoration

While some dentists still offer metal fillings and crowns, most patients and dentists, alike, prefer the more natural-looking restorations, such as composite resin fillings or porcelain crowns. These are designed specifically to be nearly seamless, allowing patients to smile confidently without fear that people will only notice their dental work.

Plus, the materials used to create these restorations conduct less heat than metal, making them more comfortable than metal, for most patients.

Restorations and Prostheses Might Need Replacement

If you have an existing restoration that is no longer comfortable, has begun to fail or loosen, or is simply causing esthetic concern, your dentist might be able to update it with a more modern material. Dental fillings are often the best way to address cavities, while crowns are incredibly versatile, in that they can protect teeth damaged by trauma, chewing, or even wear from teeth grinding.

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