Do You Need a Gum Lift to Achieve Your Dream Smile?

Is a Gum Lift the Answer?

Did your last family picture cause you to grimace with embarrassment because of the look of your smile? Is it because your teeth look stained or damaged, or could it be because your gum tissue appears excessive and uneven? Over time, gum tissue can begin to grow over the teeth, causing the teeth to appear disproportional, even when they may not be the problem. If the gum tissue is the issue, it might be time to talk with your cosmetic dentist about how a gum lift could help achieve your dream smile, and give you confidence showing it off once again.

What Can a Gum Lift Do to Improve Your Smile?

A gum lift is more invasive than many other cosmetic dental treatments, including whitening and cosmetic bonding, which are both fast and minimally-invasive. But that is because a gum lift involves carefully surgically removing excessive tissue in order to sculpt a more proportional and even gumline.

Fortunately, modern advancements in dentistry have made gum lifts, sometimes called gum contouring, safer and simpler than they were before. Rather than using traditional surgery techniques, cosmetic dentists and sometimes oral surgeons are now able to sculpt the gum tissue using a specialized laser that sutures as the sculpting is completed, which not only saves time during the procedure, it can also speed healing time, as well.

This means less time recovering from the gum lift, and much more enjoying your newly improved smile!

Before attending an appointment for the procedure, be sure to consult with your cosmetic dentist about your exact desires for your smile, that way the procedure will be natural-looking and beautiful, based on your own specifications, whether performed by the cosmetic dentist or a recommended surgeon.

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