Do You Need a Dental Crown? Part One

Do You Need a Dental Crown?

Is your smile looking worse for wear lately? Perhaps you have noticed the edges of your teeth look jagged due to excessive teeth grinding, like bruxism, or simply general wear. Have you experienced sensitivity or discomfort while trying to enjoy a cold treat, or a warm cup of coffee? If so, or if you have noticed grey lines or white patches appearing on the surface of one or several teeth, these are common symptoms of a dental cavity. Left untreated, you may begin to experience pain that is often a warning sign of an infection that may require root canal treatment. Did you recently suffer an injury to your mouth, one that left a tooth chipped or cracked? Worse, did you recently lose a tooth, either due to trauma, decay or another dental problem? Many patients know that restorative treatment is necessary when facing these and other dental issues. But what many people do not realize is that the same restorative treatment could be effective in each of these situations, and more! That’s because dental crowns are one of the most effective ways for a dentist to help restore a smile.

What Causes the Need for Restorative Treatment?

Cavities are the most common cause for restorative treatment, and while dental fillings can generally be used on minor cavities, especially those detected early, sometimes more extensive protection is needed. In more progressed cases of dental decay, and also after root canal treatment to address an infection, the dentist will likely recommend a dental crown as a way of protecting the tooth from further erosion or infection.

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