Dentistry Discovers Time Machine: Traveling via Dental Bridges

Many of us have things about our past we would like to change. Time machines would sell like hot cakes. Remember when you said the wrong thing and it changed your fate forever? There was that one time when the game was tied and you missed the free throw at the buzzer, thereby losing the game, and the cute girl. There was that time when the power went out in the middle of the night and your alarm clock failed to sound the next morning, costing you your job. Then there was the time you accidentally bit the metal kabob stick, affecting the confidence of your smile ever since. We understand; we didn’t know you’re supposed to first remove the meat from the stick either.  If only you could quickly pop into the past and alter a mere few seconds of your history.

Actually, you can.

Part of Dr. James Fondriest’s philosophy is to exceed your expectations for health, function, and beauty. Fortunately, tucked away in the unsuspected field of cosmetic dentistry, there are procedures which can replace missing or lost teeth, in turn recreating your smile. In resulting appearance, these procedures possess the power to alter the past.

Dental bridges act as actual bridges to a time machine. These non-removable tooth replacements  are mainly constructed out of porcelain. Using this cosmetic makeover procedure, unfortunate past events that caused tooth loss will no longer exist. Those crucial seconds that forever changed the aesthetics of your smile can essentially be erased, as if they never happened. All that would be left for you to do is just stop telling the story to everyone, because after all, they won’t be asking you what happened anymore. No one ever has to know!

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