Dental Terminology

Going to the dentist and reading dental blogs can get confusing with all the dental terminology. Dentists and doctors and people in all of the health fields use medical terminology to describe things that can often be described by a much simpler word. Why is that? Basically, most of the medical terms are of Greek or Latin origin and others can be created using a process called linguistics. To help you get more out of your dental visits and dental blogs, your Lake Forest Dentist, Dr. Fondriest, explains some of the most common dental terminology.

Dental Terms

Alveolar Bone: Your jaw bone in which your teeth are seated.

Anterior Teeth: Your front teeth; the front top and front bottom teeth.

Bruxism: Bruxing is the technical name for grinding and clenching your teeth together.

Calculus: No this is not the math course. Calculus is another name for tartar.

Caries: Another word for cavities.

Dentition: Dentition describes all of the teeth that are located in your upper and lower jaws. In other words, dentition refers to your teeth.

Edentulous: Being edentulous means having lost all your teeth. Edentulous means you are toothless.

Gingiva: Refers to your gum tissue or gums.

Occlusion: This refers to how your teeth bite down together. Are they correctly aligned or are they misaligned?

Malocclusion: Refers to a misaligned bite. In other words, your teeth do not line up correctly when you bite down.

Mandible: The lower jaw.

Maxilla: The upper jaw.

About Your Lake Forest Dentist:

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