Tooth Tattoos??

Today, body tattoos are wildly popular, particularly for people in their late teens to those hitting middle age. Reality television shows are dedicated to the culture surrounding body art, and tattoos are showing up everywhere – hands, wrists, necks, low-backs, feet, and teeth. Teeth? That’s right… there is such a thing as a tooth tattoo. Most people have never seen one, though.

The idea of decorating one’s teeth has been around for ages and was practiced by the Egyptians, Chinese, and other ancient civilizations. The decorations were initially signs of high social standing or religious beliefs. In recent history, hip hop singers and rappers have made the trend popular in the west. In the Chicago area, only confused misfits consider this for themselves.

There are two types of tooth tattoos:

  • Temporary tattoo: Small templates are stuck onto the teeth. The whole process takes no more than 15-20 minutes to perform, and tattoos come in a variety of designs.If you’re considering a temporary tooth tattoo, make certain that the chemicals used in your mouth and on your teeth are safe for human consumption, will not harm your tooth’s enamel, and are completely sanitary.
  • Permanent tattoo: The permanent tattoo is painted on a dental crown that will be permanently placed on a prepared tooth.If you’re considering a permanent dental tattoo, think twice. Your teeth could last a lifetime if you take care of them, but altering healthy tooth structure only invites dental problems. To place a crown, tooth enamel must be prepared, or removed. The crown is then permanently secured. You cannot turn back the clock; you will never be able to get your natural tooth back. Should you decide that you no longer want your tattooed tooth, the crown will have to be removed and replaced with another crown. In addition, you could experience complications with the crown, such as intensified tooth sensitivity or decay growing beneath the crown.

The best option is to avoid tooth tattoos! A natural smile is absolutely gorgeous. It’s often the first attribute people notice, and studies show, an attractive smile can make you look intelligent, successful, and friendly. Furthermore, one poll shows that a bright smile could land you a job and a higher salary.

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