Dental Health with Braces

Did you know that ancient mummified remains have been discovered with braces? It makes you wonder how they kept their teeth clean. As it was they were working with far fewer dental tools than we have today and less advanced ones at that. Take your Lake Forest Dentist, Dr. Fondriest’s, true or false quiz to see if you know how to take care of your dental health with braces.

Dental Hygiene with Braces

True or False?

  1. T or F: It is not a serious issue if you don’t clean your teeth effectively while wearing braces.
  2. T or F: The only serious issue that can develop is tooth decay, and you can get that without braces.
  3. T or F: It can be tough keeping your teeth clean around metal brackets and archwires.
  4. T or F: You shouldn’t just brush around the braces. You need to brush your braces too.
  5. T or F: Rinsing with water before you brush can help you brush more effectively.


  1. False: If you don’t clean your teeth effectively while wearing braces serious issues can develop.
  2. False: Decay is one serious issue that can develop, but stained teeth, oddly discolored teeth, overgrown gum tissue, swollen gums, or infected gums are all issues that can develop while wearing braces. They become more noticeable once your braces are off.
  3. True: It’s much more difficult to keep your teeth clean with braces. You have to be more attentive when you are working around obstacles. It is not the same as brushing a flat surface.
  4. True: You need to brush over and around your braces as you brush your teeth. To brush effectively, hold the brush at a 45-degree angle, brush your braces using short, back and forth and up and down strokes while moving the bristles behind and around the archwires, and over and around the metal brackets.
  5. True: Swishing with water before brushing helps loosen and remove leftover food particles, allowing you to brush more effectively.

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